Mobile self-checkout system
allowing to pay for purchases
without queue
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GPay makes the purchase process more enjoyable

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1. GPay gets the user location

The application gets the user location to determine the store or users can scan a QR code (via app) that is placed at the entrance to the store.

2. Scan a Barcode without queue

Customers use GPay app to scan their own shopping and pay fast directly in the app, meaning no staff are required . No more standing in lines to check out, fast payment, good bonuses

3. Click on check out to pay and show the receipt

Customers place scanned items into a "bagging area" and get qr-code to leave store. Results are fewer false bag weight security faults and a more comfortable scan-to-bag flow.

What type of business is applicable for?



Gas Station

Use GPay at businesses, big and small, around the world!

Individual approach to each client

Easy to integrate

We have API to integrate with most popular ERP-System (SAP, 1C, R-Keeper etc). This device-aware approach to consumer guidance simplifies and expedites setup and ongoing maintenance.

Cheaper than self-checkout machine

We provide integration to your business-process for free. You pay only subscription fee for using GPay is several times lower than your saved money for employers (no staff are required more).

Safely and Reliably

Functionality is fully system integrated and provides the security of P2P encryption for electronic payment authorizations. Customers can associate themselves to a transaction, receive e-coupons, loyalty points, and even pay for all merchandise, simply by touching a biometric fingerprint reader one time. It’s the easiest, fastest, and most secure payment technology on the market. After payment customers get QR-code to leave shop.

A Better Software Philosophy Means a Better Consumer Experience